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Simply the most integrated time & attendance application available.

Request a Demo Spend less time on employee schedules, and more time focusing on your schedule.

Free up your time with our integrated timesheet and payroll system.

Enjoy a single system to manage time worked vs. time paid and so much more:

  • Online scheduling
  • Time off requests
  • In/out board to see who’s on the clock
  • Mobile app to view timesheets right from your smartphone
  • Multiple collection options including biometric clocks, telephone, web entry and texting

More features to

simplify time & attendance

Online scheduling

Easily create and manage work schedules, which are completely integrated with timesheets, time off requests and your payroll data.

Time worked allocated by cost center

Track payroll costs by project, task, department or location.

Automatic notifications and reminders

Managers receive alerts for time off requests, timesheet changes and when employees are reaching overtime.

Employee attendance and timesheet anomaly tracking

View employee attendance trends for tardiness and time off requests.

Slide HR tasks in the palm of your hand Manage schedules, approve timesheets & time off requests, schedule shift replacements and more, all from your smartphone. Employees can also access their benefits summaries and other valuable information, securely and easily. Learn More »

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