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Case Study

Signature Shade Solutions

Brad Gaul and Travis Grant were already experts at helping clients find shade and privacy when they started Signature Shade Solutions in Hawaii, but they didn’t know anything about providing payroll and HR services in the United States. Our team at simplicityHR helped them to navigate the business landscape in Hawaii and experience thriving growth.

Case Study

People Who Clean

PWC Hawaii Corporation has grown from a small team of three into a thriving business with 340 employees. The growth was made possible in part because PWC partnered with our team at simplicityHR by ALTRES to handle their HR headaches and effectively manage their workforce.

Case Study

Lunalilo Home

By implementing HR Symphony to meet their unique business needs, Lunalilo Home is now able to make better, more informed business decisions. The time they save allows them to fully focus on their mission of providing the best kupuna care.

Case Study

St. Louis School

HR Symphony allows Saint Louis School to easily access financial reports much quicker than they could before. Now, they make better business decisions based on data they have at their fingertips. Plus, all the time they save with HR Symphony can be focused on educating the young men of Kalaepōhaku.

Case Study

Blue Pacific Window Cleaning

Blue Pacific Window Cleaning’s owner, Austin Allgood, was spending most of his time on processing payroll, and wanted to focus on growing his business. Since utilizing our comprehensive technology, HR Symphony®, Austin now spends five minutes on payroll and is seeing tremendous growth.

Case Study

Waolani Judd Nazarene School

Before HR Symphony it would take Waolani Judd Nazarene School about two days to do their payroll processing. But now, they are able to do it in two hours. And that’s only the start. Watch how HR Symphony has made them much more efficient.

Case Study

The Maui Cookie Lady

The Maui Cookie Lady had very little time to worry about HR because her day is filled with baking. Mitzi needed an HR technology solution to match her lifestyle. Because of HR Symphony’s full-featured mobile app, Mitzi can now do all of her HR functions from her phone, and she hasn’t skipped a beat…or cookie.

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