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Real-time reports to make better business decisions.

Request a Demo With our report generator feature, we turn your employment data into useful reports.

On-demand report generator for on-demand intelligence.

Pull various reports from all your HR and payroll data to get a comprehensive overview of your company, as well as the ability to make smarter business decisions.

  • QuickViews for simple, easy access on-screen reports
  • Preformatted for the most commonly used payroll and HR reports
  • Report Writer for various customizable options

More features to quickly

get the reports you need

Custom reports that are exportable to multiple formats

Create a custom report using your HR and payroll data, and export to Excel, PDF, text or HTML.

Automatic scheduling of reports

Automate your daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Analytics and charting tools

Evaluate trends based on real-time data to forecast payroll costs.

Slide HR Symphony lets you store your favorite reports as Excel files on your desktop. When you want to refresh the data for a specific report, simply double click the icon. The live Excel document will extract the latest data from HR Symphony’s database without you having to log into the system each time. Live Excel Reports

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